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Himalayan journeys are truly our passion and lifestyle. Naturally we know best and love Nepal Himalayas our home, and we also specializes in tours of India, Bhutan and Tibet. We run the the best personalized treks on the planet. Real treks with experts in the best seasons with small groups and top crews – join us!

Namaste! (traditional Nepali greeting) , your reliable and trusted travel, trekking companion / guide to the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, and of course to Kailash Manasarovar. Our goal is to create travel experiences that are second to none; that allow our guests to explore these sacred places in safety and good company.

The Mountain Kingdom Nepal, is bound on the north by the peaks of the highest mountains on Earth, the Himalayas. In the south, it is the incredibly flat Terai region, home to: tigers, elephants, rhinoceroses, and innumerable exotic birds. In between the high peaks and the Terai is an amazing diversity of ecosystems, cultures, and terrains in what is called the Middle Hills. From the high Himalayan yak grazing pastures of the Sherpa people, the great capital cities and ancient empires of the Middle Hills, to the prolific assembly of temples and monuments in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal is characterized by friendly people, colorful traditions, harmonious religious life, and a lively and distinctive culture. The unique geography and traditional people of Nepal gives this small kingdom a wide breadth of travel options, including: rafting the snow-melt waters cascading off the high peaks, trekking in the high mountains and traditional villages, mountain biking winding trails, safari in the jungles of the world renowned Chitwan and Bardia National Parks, and touring intimate towns and markets.

Nepal offers a wonderful adventure, culture, and nature tours / treks, that is not found anywhere in the world. Recently British Magazine wrote that Nepal offers the second best trekking trails in the world and it is listed as one of the best place that you must visit before you die.

Your trip will be led and planned by the most experienced leaders, not by the managers from an office. The idea is to bring people closer to the Himalayas and all they have to offer through carefully designed trips which unite the natural history, the present scientific understanding, and the unique cultures of this region. The result: a deeper appreciation of the Himalayan Mountains, the splendor of the plants and animals, and the cheerful perseverance of the people. That’s why we operate so many cultural, wildlife, and natural science tours, and always with only the best guides. Each trip maximizes the exposure to Himalayan lifestyles & wilderness, while still maintaining the safety of our groups.

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