The Last Shangri-La: Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the most exotic destinations in the world today. This is the land of outstanding people, remarkable scenery and natural wonders and a proud place for the wonderful culture. It is just a rare place where just few people get the privilege of visiting.It is situated in between the world’s two giants, India and the Tibetan region of China; Bhutan is today slowly opening up to the world through a sensitive approach to tourism,You can discover the cultural and natural wonders of this only Buddhist Kingdom of the Himalaya. This kingdom is throwing off the veil of mystery, and opening its doors to visitors.

Bhutan has a wonderful environment, almost no pollution, and a living culture where festivals and cultural events are a part of daily life; they are not created for the promotion of tourism.The scenic landscapes and historic buildings in Bhutan are considered as the last Shangri – la by many travelers.

The capital city of Bhutan, Thimpu, sits on a hillside adjacent to the river by the same name. Within its boundaries, the Trashi Chhoe Dzong fortress and the Memorial Chorten monuments are the places which must be visited. The city of Paro has to be listed among the name of the cities that are to be visited where the Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang) is located, which also has some of the oldest temples and monasteries of the country. In a place called Bumthang, there are quite a number of dzongs, temples and palaces which will definitely make you feel that you would have definitely missed a lot in your life if you had not visited the kingdom of Bhutan. Important points-of-interest include the Black Mountain National Park; Satkeng Wildlife Sanctuary; cascading waterfalls in East Bhutan, and the Bumthang Valley.Bhutan has limited connections with the outside world, thus making it somewhat difficult for foreigners to travel. Only a few thousand tourists are allowed in each year and are required to book their travel in advance through a registered tour operator in Bhutan.

The Last Shangri-La -10 nights / 11 days

Bhutan Odyssey -7 Nights / 8 Days (cultural tour)

Bhutan Tour -4 nights/ 5 days

A Glimpse of Bhutan -3 nights / 4 days


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